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WE were forunate enough to see Van Morrison at last years Jazz Fest in New Orleans, this year we are going to vist his homeland in Sept. When we return from our trip we will be seeing him again in Hersey Pa. where he will kick off his new tour.
Posted: Brian McKissick
My picture with Van the day after his birthday shows on Cyprus Avenue. I had him sign it the following year on the day of the Lit Up Inside show at Culloden Hotel. He was friendly and even brought me to his table and introduced me to his friends including Kim Cattrell. A true gentleman
Posted: Pat Alberini
I am a musician/songwriter from Belgium and Van was a big influence when I started playing 36 years ago. Saw him several times, last time last year at a festival in Belgium, and it was awesome and moving. Looking forward to seeing him again at some point in the UK or Ireland this year. Van's The Man
Posted: Mark Somers
Dear Mr Morrison, I recently hit a slight bump in the road. I wanted you to know when I listen to you and as you sing my breathing slows, and my shoulders drop. Your voice resonates with my soul. I know everything will be ok just as you remind me. Thank you for your kind help, guidance. Susan
Posted: Susan Hahn
Enjoyed your concerts 28 times over 42 years. Bright Side of the Road has lifted my spirits for over 38 years. Thank you, Sir Van.
Posted: J A LEE
We fell in love after me having dedicated Astral Weeks to Tom during a radio broadcast. We bought a home together and the house is called Astral Weeks Place. Last summer we bought a 55 ft narrowboat and she is called the Astral Weeks. I love all of his music but Astral Weeks is special to us.
Posted: Alison Martin & Tomasz Radon
Bobs 70th birthday present from me was tix to see Van. What a treat to discover the band was staying at our hotel! We happened upon 'The Man' a couple of times in passing and he could not have been more gracious when approached. The boys at the pool were a hoot! Unforgettable birthday for Bob!
Posted: Lisa
We've lost another great Van fan from our vast and loving community. This is a tribute to Raymond Sonhlein. 3 weeks ago in LA he warned us that his cancer had returned but he was determined and he made the gig. He was a kind caring sweet man and we hold a special place in our hearts for him
Posted: Michael Seltzer
Been Van fans for many years, Have I Told You Lately was our wedding song, but alas we have never seen him live. For our 60th Birthdays this year we are travelling to Europe from Australia in May 2017, culminating finally seeing Van in Barcelona on June 3rd. Can't wait!
Posted: Lynne and Tim Hughes
Thank you, I've listened and enjoyed your music for fifty years. I just saw you live first time in LA theater at Ace. It was amazing thank you again just reinforced my love of your music and talent.
Posted: GKM
I am in my 70's now and love to hear Van. I was listening to "Jackie Wilson Said" and found myself smiling just as I did many years ago. Thanks Van.
Posted: Linda
This is not your average high school orchestra covering your song Moondance. They are called Fusion Rock Orchestra and are from Lowell, Mi. They hold the masters in high respect. Mozart, Beethoven,Van Morrison. Enjoy!
Posted: Jill Wenger
Wonderful evening @ Nells Jazz Club Van at his best first time seeing him at this venue but hope it won't be my last
Posted: jenny baker
I saw you approximately 30 years ago here in Sydney Australia and have been waiting for you to come back being one of your biggest fans for 50 years. I haven't travelled overseas much at all but looks like I will have to come to you instead. Absolutely love your duets with Shana!!!
Posted: Kerri
Got married at the Belfast city hall at week before Christmas. Our honeymoon around County Down then the surprise gig tickets for the waterfront.. My wife has always wanted to be a Morrison there was a few special places for us to visit !
Posted: Neil
Big Van-fan Chrissie Hynde of the Pretenders 'caught one more time' wearing her Cyprus Avenue t-shirt on BBC TV.
Posted: Al Bodkin
Your music is the soundtrack to my life! I was lucky enough to see you in concert at Red Rocks in 2005. I still don't know how I was able to get tickets before they sold out...and they were great seats! I hope to see you in concert again someday! I absolutely just Love You! You are my Elvis!
Posted: Debbie Leatherbery
I cant fit what you mean to me in 300 characters. Without "Into the Mystic" playing when I was born or fell in love or when my children were born, I wouldn't be who I am today. Your music shaped my life & fed my soul. Struggles I've endured are always tempered by your music. Thank you for the calm.
Posted: Joe
Travelled to Las Vegas to see Van on Friday, January 13, 2017. It was an incredible show! Van and the band were in the pocket and brought out some classics I've never heard him perform live before plus a sprinkling of songs from throughout his long career. It was a truly memorable night. Thank you!
Posted: Chris Wiken
Great show at Ceasars Palace in Las Vegas last weekend, thank you Van for another great performance and decades of fantastic music.
Posted: Donald Lant
Finally got a chance to see Van in person. A fantastic evening of music at Caesars Palace. Thanks so much!
Posted: Bill and Kathy
Trying to keep this succinct is hard. But thank you for "Keep Me Singing". It is sublime music, carrying me to somewhere special, reaching deep inside like great honest music should. I'm a fan of many genres and many artists and it is rare to find something that is truly timeless. Brilliant; genius!
Posted: JonS
Can you have been part of the fabric of my a little kid in the back of my moms Vw bug with what we called the "yellow tape!" It was Street choir...on 8 track. I wish you could know the comfort and adoration i have for you and your music. It's got me through so much. My one wish is to C U
Posted: Laura Carson
The music speaks for itself.....keep on singing .
Posted: Aubrey
Van in concert in Nottingham on November 28th - a great band and a fabulous show
Posted: Neil Smith
"I'm going back Going back to my own ones Come back to talktalk a while with my own ones "
Posted: Carol Cronley
"Keep Me Singing" is a brilliant album! It's constantly on our record player & we absolutely adore it!! Cheers, Van, for brightening our lives & our home through/with poetry & music! - Chris & Kate
Posted: Chris Iacono-Rutushin & Kate Duffey
LISTEN! There isn't anything else in this world like Van Morrison's music. It is life changing. It speaks to the soul... But only if you listen. Pure, childlike, full of wonder and sorrow, of mystery and reflection. THANK YOU Van for a lifetime of sharing your talent and speaking your truth.
Posted: Kyle Hall
We traveled from Chicago, IL to the Hollywood Bowl for Van's Oct 13,2016 concert. We had a Marvellous Experience. No artist on this planet like you Van. The nuances of your voice with the music give sparks to the stars in the sky. Unforgettable seeing you! God Bless You.
Posted: Linda and Mike Waszak
Two Sirs, With Love Unforgettable knights... two knights - Sir Tom Jones with Sir Van Morrison in the beautiful setting of the storied Hollywood Bowl. I've seen well over 100 Van gigs and having the pleasure of these two legends together makes it that much more special Both in great voice and a show for the ages
Posted: Michael Seltzer
Just heard your performance with Tom Jones at the Hollywood Bowl last night. All I can say... how great the musicianship, arrangements with the accordion… and that guitar player you have. He was friggin great playing acoustic and electrics. Your drummer played that lite-jazz feel. Just great!
Posted: Steve
You have so many fans in Australia and NZ, I hope you consider heading this way soon for some live shows.
Posted: Gina
Was at the Forest Hills New York City (Queens) concert Sunday night (10/9/16). It's been a dream of ours to see VM in concert for a long time. His voice, his music and his delivery was beyond great....We were drawn in by his music and poetic lyrics; and his awesome voice that is one of kind.
Posted: Bob Buzzell (and Michele)
Just taken delivery of Van's new album, the lenticular vinyl edition. The music is superb as ever but I must say as one who worked in the printing industry for 49 years, the album artwork is a dream, as is the lenticular print.Well done the design&art direction team. A fine LP record as well.
Posted: Roy Quinn
Fabulous Radio2 concert he really is the best lovely new songs take care
Posted: Jeanne
My 3 year old daughter Sofia has ONLY ONE bedtime song request: "I'm Tired Joey Boy" She knows the lyrics, and does a decent job on the melody herself. She's heard it from cradle days. Thanks for this, and so many other tunes full of life in all its shades of joy and sorrow. Keep Singing!
Posted: Ray Torbiak, Canada
Can't wait to see you perform in New York in October. My husband Scott is a devoted fan and we will be sitting center stage 5 rows back so we can not only revel in your music but watch you enjoying what you are so great at. See you in less than a month!
Posted: Leslie
G'day, Been to many Concerts back in the day of good Ol Rock n Roll, sadly, never been to one of yours. It's on my bucket list. Please please come to Australia! Play outside the Opera House and let everyone hear your beautiful music!! In the meantime, I'll keep playing all my favourite VM songs.
Posted: Sarah
We traveled to N. Ireland from the U.S. to see Sir Van at Slieve Donard in August 2016. It was such a special experience! Sir Van had us sing along with him, he treated us to tracks from the new album, and he took us to places only he can! Thanks Sir Van for making my dreams come true!
Posted: Heather Notter
My fiancé Frank Mulhall was hospitalized 37 days & was in a coma & partially-paralyzed, from cancer/PTSD-induced stroke. Your CD was in wrong case. When I played Crazy Love, he opened his eyes, looked at me, took my hand, and "danced" with me. He lost consciousness and passed away a few days later.
Posted: Linda Lou
Dear Van, My husband passed away in January from cancer.Your music was a part of our love story from day one. Have I told you lately that I love You was our song.Our first dance at our wedding. He called me his Brown Eyed Girl and your music is a part of what was played at his memorial. Thank You
Posted: Eddy
The very Happiest of Birthdays to you Mr. Morrison from Wanda & I, our 2 children and 9 Grandchildren. Your music helps us to smile, love and be! You are well loved, respected and adored in our family, and among good friends! God bless you Sir Van!
Posted: David & Wanda
Life long dream coming true. Waiting for Ireland tour dates 2017! Travelling from Australia!
Posted: Robyn Beaven
How I enjoyed seeing Van Morrison at Slieve Donard on Monday, August 22. While entering the hotel, I passed him, going to loo, I passed him, and going passed the bar I passed him. Too shy to say hello. But it was great seeing him after 45 years.
Posted: Kathy Kuhl
We were at Van's 70th birthday celebration last year, Slieve Donard Hotel, Newcastle and we are back again in 2016! All the way from Australia, a wonderful experience for us, long time fans.
Posted: Yasmin + Daniel Kehoe
I only want to thank to Mr Van Morrison for being part of my life through his music. I'm a 39 years old fan (at least 33 years as fan!). I finally managed to see him live in concert at Brighton Dome in February 2014 and it was beautiful and very emotional to listen his marvelous voice! Thank you
Posted: Luís Clemente
I've been your fan since "Brown-eyed Girl, Into The Mystic to Just Like Jane & Common One. I recently turned a friend of mine onto you and he is now an ardent fan. Common One and Just Like Greta are 2 of my favorites. Your lyrics and instrumentation are unbeatable. you and Dylan are timeless
Posted: Sam Radcliffe
Don't Look Back, Van and John Lee Hooker. Pure genius. Thank you.
Posted: Blaise
A thousand congratulations on today's recognition,this long overdue,your music has touched millions of people over the years.May you continue in good health so that you can go on for many more years,looking forward to your next show. The photos of you and Shana are stunning,you both look so happy.
Posted: peter ziemniak
My little drawing as a tribute to Van…Hope You’ll like it.
Posted: Harald Woblick
Having lunch in Holywood today with my wife and father-in-law, we met Van who was sitting at the next table. I asked him if my wife could have her photo taken with him. He couldn't have been any nicer about it and she even got his autograph. A legend and a gentleman :)
Posted: Ronnie and Lynda Mills
We were lucky enough to be able to travel from San Francisco to Belfast for Van's 70's Birthday shows. Last week Van traveled to SF for my Birthday!! My "Vanatic" friends got me a special cake!!!
Posted: Raymond and Maria Sohnlein
We saw Van at the Fox Theater in Oakland (18.1.16.) and it was an absolute dream come true. He is an artist through and through, and I will cherish this memory for as long as I live. The night was so magical, that my boyfriend of ten years proposed right after the concert! Thanks a million Van!!
Posted: Ashley M.
Thank you, Van! It was so great to have you back in the Bay Area. I especially loved hearing you and your daughter perform together. Please visit us again soon!
Posted: Lesley Hagele
The first time I saw Van was in 1970 at TheFillmore in San Francisco. In the early 90s I saw him at Bimbo's where he gave me this autograph on a napkin. A prized possession. I am a lifetime fan.His music is in my soul. See you this Wednesday at The Fox Theater in Oakland.And Thanks for the memories.
Posted: Diane Amato
Dear Van, I finally got to see you at the Shrine Autitorium January 15, 2016. Your voice still young, fresh, and vibrant. It was a honor and a pleasure to be there and experience your performance. Thank you for your music that colors my life . Love you ! Happy 70th year! From Louise.
Posted: Louise from Culver City California
I'm from Belfast now living in the remotest part of Montana. When I think about what I miss most about home ... It's seeing Van live in the city of his birth, alongside thousands of besotted fans. He's done more for our city, our country and our culture than you can ever know.
Posted: DF
I've lived with Let The Slave running in the back of my mind continuously for a long time, unable to locate the song, and You Posted It THANK YOU. Love, another Irish Rover since the 60's, Love you Van Morrison.
Posted: Micaela
Mr. Morrison: I've been a devout follower of your poetry and grace since I was 11-years-old. A couple of years ago I took my now 21-year-old daughter to see/hear you perform at The Ryman Theater in Nashville. Memorable for both our generations. Please grace us again with a visit to Nashville.
Posted: Lynn Deal
Traveling to Dublin from USA to celebrate 40 yrs+ of marriage and attending concert at 3 arena Fri 11/20. Its been 40 yrs since. Last seeing Van. Awesome for sure
Posted: Jim&Georgia
marvellous night at the O2 in London with the magical voices of Van and Tom
Posted: neil
A fabulous day on Cyprus Avenue, 31 August 2015. An honour to be there. Thanks to Sir Van, the band, the crew and all those who made it possible. It will be forever edged in my memories. A truly special event.
Posted: Janice Roseingrave, Wellington, New Zealand
A great concert in Newcastle, N Ireland recently; we are fans of many years and travelled all the way from Australia to see the show. Thank you Sir Van!
Posted: Yasmin +Dan Kehoe
From May 1st 1974 California State University, Chico homecoming.
Posted: John Brophy
We travelled from Perth, Australia to see Van in Newcastle, Ireland in August 2015 and enjoyed one of the best experiences! We have been fans for many years and the music and sweet sounds of Van and his band will be something we will remember for years to come. Thank you Sir Van!
Posted: Yasmin + Daniel Kehoe
Van Morrison was the trigger for an unplanned trip to Ireland from Perth in Western Australia. The prospect of a small venue experience was too much to resist, and the reality far surpassed all expectation. Our table was shared with 5 nationalities, such is the universal appeal of The Man
Posted: Pete Dingey and Jen Fraser
In 2002, my husband was lost to sea at the tender age of 23. He is the one who introduced me to the joy of Van's music, and his music was the soundtrack of our epic journey around Australia in a camper van. Thank you Sir, for bringing him back to me every time you sing.
Posted: Sara Jai
Seeing Van perform live is mesmerizing. You don't just attend his shows, you experience them in your soul. Van's back to back shows in Toronto this year transcended earthly emotion as he took us to places only known in the astral realm. I can't wait to see Van in Ireland in 2016!
Posted: Heather Notter, Michigan
Saw Van Morrison at the last concert he had in San Diego Ca. back in 2010 (date may be wrong I do remember seeing him then). That was one evening that I will always remember & regret the date that I took. She was too young to appreciate the significance of the show. Loved the show, hope he returns.
Posted: Brian Keon
Recently my wife was diagnosed with lymphoma, she is doing quite well, we both decided that we had to go see Van in Toronto on September 20, 2015. What a tremendous experience, being able to see one of the most gifted performers ever. This was an emotional, spiritual experience. God bless you Van.
Posted: Shawn Hogan
Front Row seats for both concerts on Cyprus Avenue. Amazing. Thank you so much Van. Thank you Eastside Arts. Plum nice day x
Posted: Christine Robinson
Planned a visit to the Uk just because we wanted to see Van Morrison play and this time he played at Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire. It was a magical night for us and I think for all who were there. We are very grateful for the experience. Mr. Morrison and The band left us wanting more as usual.
Posted: Penilla
Just back from Belfast and the 2 Cyprus Avenue shows. I love Sir Van Morrison most if he is doing *diggadigdigdoyadigs....* and it was beautiful. I'm still speechless. Thank you Sir for the most wonderful shows I've ever seen , will cherish this feeling for ever! Nieuwegein 03 sept. 2015
Posted: Marion from the Netherlands
For me Nell's was the best , musically and for atmosphere. To see at Cyprus Avenue was of course unique and unlikely to be repeated. A great day. Rain arrived on cue at 3pm so when he sang "hey, where did we go, days when the rain came", got a bit of a laugh. Best wishes to all Van fans.
Posted: Richard
What a privilege to be at such a fabulous concert on Cyprus Avenue this evening! Very special, very spiritual. Enjoyed it so much! Thank you and happy 70th birthday! Don't stop the music, ever :)
Posted: Ann, Belfast
Dear Van Happy Birthday and may you enjoy many more. "Do not go gentle into that good night Old age should burn and rage at close of day Rage, rage against the dying of the light" (Dylan Thomas) Best wishes, Jeff Ontario, Canada
Posted: Jeff Scobie
Firstly, many congratulations on your 70th Birthday. Happy Birthday Van the Man from a fan who has followed and loved your music for four decades. All the way from Dubbo, New South Wales, Australia. My life's ambition is to see you live in concert and will have to get over there before long. Cheers!
Posted: Ronald Hopper
Happy birthday Van. You've been the person whose words have, and continue, to fuel my soul on a level which nothing else can. Thank you for so many years of sharing your gift. Much love.
Posted: Shannon
My 60th birthday present from my wife, back in 2013, was a Van concert in the Europa Hotel in Belfast. The perfect present!! Such a memorable night for all the right reasons!
Posted: Neil Byers
On our way to celebrate Sir Van's 70th at Slieve Donard then a weeks celebrations culminating on storied Cyprus Avenue with a grand gathering of Vanatics Worldwide
Posted: Michael and Lori Seltzer
Just a few of our many favorites.......
Posted: Gail and Jeff McCall
We just can't seem to get enough ... making our third trip across the pond to Northern Ireland to take part in Van's Birthday Celebration on Cyprus Avenue, and see him perform live in his beloved Belfast one more time. Your music plays a huge role in the soundtrack of our lives. Pix is at Dunluce
Posted: Gail and Jeff McCall
What a sensational night! We travelled from Melbourne Australia to see Van at the Slieve Donard hotel in Newcastle on 20 July. Just magic.
Posted: Rosemary and Peter Roberts
Wow, I just got back from your show at Ghent jazz. That was the best concert I have ever seen. You are an inspiration.
Posted: Alan Temple
Van, Thanks for an amazing show in Cork last Thursday!! We had two people in our group who hadn't seen you before, both were blown away. I've been blown away for the last 35 years and have great memories of incredible shows in U.S, Paris, London as well as Ireland...roll on Cyprus Avenue!!!
Posted: Paschal Doyle Cork Ireland
Brown eyed girl-I am looking forward to hearing Van Morrison perform at the Slieve Donard on July 19. One year ago my husband and I pinkie shook & decided to travel from the USA to wherever Van was playing for our 30th wedding anniversary. Imagine our delight when we learned it would be in Ireland.
Posted: Laurie Thompson
Congratulations Sir Van, Really looking forward to your concert on 20 July next in Slieve Donard to celebrate our 30th wedding Anniversary. Thanks for the magic.
Posted: Gerry & Val
Close Enough For Van & Gregory @ Blenheim Palace , 25.06.15, Sun Sole 'n'Jazz & surroundings to Suit. Cheers to all musicians & crew.
Posted: Garry
Sir Van (congratulations!), I saw you live for the first time Friday at Forest Hills, NY. The moment I saw you walk on stage is a moment I will never forget. Your music fuels my soul and I am forever in awe of your words and music. You are the true definition of musician. I wish you well, always
Posted: Shannon Mullaney
Great seeing Sir Van bestowed with two well deserved honors this week in NYC!
Posted: Michael Seltzer
Van, Congratulations on your honor of knighthood & the one coming up in the Writers Hall of Fame! I have you loved since first I heard your awesome & amazing voice with your band "Them!" I love so many artists who are incredible, yet you & Dylan remain my very favorites!!! Sadly I've seen u perform!
Posted: Van Fan Rhonda
My husband and I are so excited to see you next week in Forest Hills for our anniversary. We have waited in anticipation for you to come back to the states... Here comes the ( K)night! Sir Van Morrison Congratulations.
Posted: Celine D
Congratulations Sir Van - well deserved recognition of the work of a true Musical Giant - from a lifelong (so far) fan!
Posted: Paul Pilott LRAM ARCO Organist and Director of Music St. Mary's Parish Church Alverstoke Hampshire
Many congratulations on your knighthood. I was so delighted to see it on the news this morning! I have loved your music for 50 years. There is nobody with a voice quite like yours.....especially that raw growl you do at times.....the depth is amazing and gets right into my soul!
Posted: Julia
Congratulations Sir Van and about time too! You've been bringing joy to my life for 40 years now, looking forward to seeing you in concert again some time soon.
Posted: Andrew Sharples
Hi Van, many congratulations on your knighthood. I've seen you live many times over the years, have all of your albums. Right back when you were with Them. This is an award to the greatest songwriter in popular music. A day to celebrate your immense talent. Thank you for the music, long may it conti
Posted: Pete Clack
Congrats on a well deserved honor Sir George! Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift of music with your adoring fans.
Posted: Julie Hallsted
Van you save my soul! Ive been to one concert in San Francisco.My dream came true that night,Van and band were everything I asked for and More! IHope your coming to California Soon(United States)
Posted: Michele T
THE one-of-a-kind Poetic Champion! Thank you for so much great, great music... on The River Of Time, Celtic Swing, Celtic Excavation, Cry For Home... yes, my favorite album is Inarticulate Speech Of The Heart, but they are all favorites... from Them to now. Your music will be played at my wake...
Posted: Jeff Conley
Thank you Van for the absolutely fabulous concert in Warrenpoint Town Hall on Sunday 24th May 2015 , transporting me again to a wonderful celebration of rhythm, blues and heart sharing lyrics, so much appreciate your emptying of yourself to us Also, enjoying your book.x
Posted: Fiona
I've been to 12 concerts and hope to see him in New York or Ireland again this Summer. His live shows are magical, moving, and literally life-changing. There is nothing in the world like it! I drew this ink drawing of him and would love to give it to him someday. Thanks Van!
Posted: Liz Halloran
I have been a fan since the Maratime days with THEM. I am now 64 years old and sing The Man's praises daily! to me, he is a latter day Beethoven - "THE MAESTRO" My 32 year old daughter is also a fan. My favourite albums are No Guru, No Method, No Teacher Astral Weeks and A night in San Francisco.
Posted: Roy Quinn
I've been to hundreds of concerts in my life, but my first two -- Van and the Caledonia Soul Orchestra at the Troubadour and Santa Monica Civic in '73 -- are still my favorites! I wasn't old enough to drive yet so my dad had to take me. Now, in my fifties..."it's too late to stop now!" Rave on, Van!
Posted: Mark Watt
As a Songwriter Hall of Fame Board member I was so excited when Van was announced as the 2015 Johnny Mercer Award winner. Cannot wait until the June event. Love your Old Black Magic rendition with your Daughter Shana. Congratulations, Johnny would be so happy. See you in two months.
Posted: Jim Corwin (Johnny Mercers Grandson)
Tus fans en español también te seguimos y estamos encantados con tu nuevo disco de Duets, del que esperamos pueda haber hasta una segunda parte. Saludos desde España.
Posted: Cloud Jazz
Your music has helped me through the past year of radiation therapy for brain cancer, (glioblastoma). Songs like "If I ever needed someone", "I'll be your lover, too" and "Into the mystic" kept me calm while wearing a tight fitting radiation mask and through countless claustrophobic MRI's. Thanks.
Posted: Mark
I've attended the last 5 shows Van has done in Boston. They were all unique and they were all an experience. You get lost in his music. I actually run road races to his music because its calming and I'm not thinking about time. I hope he comes back so my nephew can experience him too. He's a big fan
Posted: Dan O'Neil
A perfect combination on a cold evening:
Posted: Nordbert
I've seen Van more than 20 times , very special gigs at Orangefield School and recently at Lyric Belfast. I also had the pleasure of meeting him at a coffee shop in East Belfast couple years ago, he was lovely , I was thrilled. Going to the Cyprus Ave gig in August , v v special
Posted: Michelle H
I'm a fan of Van since 1972, when at 16 years of age, I listened for the first time to Astral Weeks. I'm a great admirer of his concerts. I saw him seven times and I'm very excited because on June 6th I will see him again in Italy in Brescia. "Thanks Van....your music helps my life"
Posted: Filippo Ceccarelli
The scope and spiritual core of Van's music has virtually been my church for 40 years. I return again and again for transcendance...being in some small way born again every time. And am.
Posted: Tim Morrsion
I was 18 when I was first introduced to Van's music. It was Astral Weeks and I was entranced. I still am entranced by the music and the man. I have seen Van in concert 3 times in my life and they have been beautiful times. So thank you Van.....x
Posted: Jenny
There are days like this. Van Morrison's is playing "Brown Eyed Girl" on the edge of Ireland. I'm dancing with my girlfriend and the smile in her eyes is as beautiful as the rainbow we spied earlier exploring Dunluce Castle. There's a magic in Van's music . . . you know what I'm talking about.
Posted: Scott O'Reilly
Van & his music! Grew up listening to "Brown eyed girl", fell totally head over heels with "Moondance", and double albumn/cd "Hymns to the Silence" helped me get through a very tough point in my life. I think it's one of the best thing EVER IN MY LIFE! THANK YOU, Mr. VAN MORRISON
Posted: Terri Harper Babiak
How special that my visit to Belfast in March includes the thrill of seeing Van with my daughter who shares my love for Van's artistry as I have for the past 50 years. Truly a blessing.
Posted: Lawrence Glosser
Living in New Zealand, we never thought we would get to see Van live, on a trip to Canada and Alaska back in 2010, we arrived in Vancouver and by sheer luck found out there was a Van Morrison concert in town the next night, bought tickets and saw the show. One of those right place right time moments
Posted: Sam and Bronwyn Steers
So, so many, but this one captures something. A friend writing in the sand, the letters two dozen feet long, "It just is..." It was, of course, summertime in England...
Posted: John Pollock
A family together: The parents (Jens & Christa) driving 800 km from Buxtehude to Freiburg. 18.08.2007 - Ganter Brewery, meeting our kids Lea (1984), Nele (1986) and Jos (1989) and VanThe Man. S(w)inging & dancing. Great evening "From the north to the south, ´ya walked all the way." Thanks Van!
Posted: Jens Sienknecht
Lifelong highlights since our first gig in Detroit at Masonic '74. Astral Weeks Live at the Hollywood Bowl, then 21 of 26 gigs on that tour, seeing Van being inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame by Ray Charles, countless visits in recent years to Ireland to enjoy his home turf
Posted: Michael Seltzer from Detroit
Van is a legend. Saw him both nights at Nell's Blues & Jazz Bar, (28/2 & 1/3). What a venue. Small, intimate and completely filled by Van's genius. The guy is still at the peak of his ability...and that voice.... #Legend
Posted: Matthew Jeffery
In 2002 the Irish Philatelic Service issued "Irish Rock Legends" commemorative stamps. Of course I had to purchase them, and extras of Van. I then had them framed. The middle section is hard to read - it is a write-up of Van. It hangs on my wall surrounded by photos of Warrenpoint, 2007.
Posted: Nancy Holahan
Here is my sweetest memory of a Van's concert: Solstice at Dunluce, June 2013, with my boyfriend at the Giant's Causeway. It was a special moment to hear 'Sometimes we cry'. I have included a picture of the sunset we saw that day.
Posted: Laura Carrillo Paya
We are travelling to Belfast then Newcastle, all the way from Australia to hear/see a singer we have enjoyed for over 40 years at the oncert at the Slieve Donard on the 24 Aug. A dream come true, our 'bucket list'.
Posted: Yasmin + Daniel Kehoe
As all Vanatics do I see Van related things in everyday life and even have conversations that consist solely of the lyrics of Van Morrison songs. Some examples of the sense of humour of fellow fans and appropriate to the setting up of the Fanwall is the attached photo of the Vanwall racing car.
Posted: Al Bodkin
Just listened again (and again) to "Someone Like You" from a movie soundtrack & am so moved by the beauty of that voice and lyric. Being a brown-eyed girl, I was a fan "back in the day" and now all lit up again ...thank you Van!
Posted: Janis
I've been lucky enough to see Van perform in person twice. First at the Fox Theater in Detroit in 2008 and again in 2013 at Nob Hill in San Francisco. Both performances were transcendental experiences! I hope to see him perform in Ireland in 2016.
Posted: Heather Notter
I was first turned on to Van at 16 years old. I am now 51, and can only say my appreciation for this man and his incredible talent is usually all I need to turn my day around. I was fortunate to see him perform at the Orpheum in Boston. I cant imagine how it would be to spend a day with this person.
Posted: Patrick Keating
Some years ago my art illustration instructor gave us a fun class assignment to make a CD cover. I thought this was a good learning experience and I’m proud of my art work. I enjoy listening to Van Morrison’s music and felt inspired to create an illustration for the song "Bright Side of the Road"
Posted: Debbie Cook
My very first encounter with Van Morrison happened when I was about 13 yrs, RTE broadcast the Rainbow Concert, which I believe was the very first simulcast in 1974 by BBC. I was entranced by the performance, glued to the screen and it left a huge impression on me.
Posted: Aidan Scanlan
My favorite dance song ever! I have to dance whenever I hear Brown Eyed Girl ;)
Posted: Lisa Lindsey
Posted: Sandy Blandford
This past August 2014 I managed to attend two of Van's special shows at his former school , Orangefield in East Belfast, where he grew up. All the fans who were lucky enough to be at these shows agree that Van and his band were on top form. Van was in great humour and a highlight for most was his amazing "On Hyndford Street". We also had Ballerina and In The Garden, a great set of songs.
Posted: Oliver Gordon
In 1978 I went to the cinema and I watched the Band's farewell, the Last Walz.A lot of my favourite artists took part of the show. At that time I was a great fan of Bob Dylan. When Van took the stage and performed Caravan I was totally enthusiastic about his singing and his voice.
Posted: Verner Morgen
Great time seeing Van in NYC!
Posted: Bill Decker
Two newspaper reviews of the best concert I've ever been to: Van Morrison, Civic Opera House, Chicago, April 1993
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